"I will not jump with common spirits." W. Shakespeare


Chez Chevaux exists to help thoroughbred horses in need. Specifically bred to race, thoroughbreds have, upon occasion, been presented to the general public as romanticized characters (in classic films such as "National Velvet" and "Seabiscuit") who are deeply loved by their owners, overcome setbacks, and live to a ripe old age in a happy home.

While this is often the case, it equally as often is not. Some breeders, owners and trainers do indeed view the thoroughbred as a beloved companion soul that compliments their lives, fulfills their dreams, and pays their bills. They are committed to their horses.

Others are not. They have chosen to see thoroughbreds as disposable commodities. The 2006 Derby Winner, Barbaro, was blessed with caring connections that strove to save him when he broke down in the Preakness. Other wonderful horses, such as Ferdinand and Exceller, ultimately met their ends by slaughter.

All of our residents are ex/failed racehorses. Those that can be are being re-trained for appropriate second careers pending adoption.

Chez Chevaux exists to save as many as we can.


On the eve of the 135th Derby in Kentucky, we are facing one of the worst times for thoroughbreds ever. The recession has severely impacted contributions to animal welfare groups and we need your help NOW!

Please help us meet our goal of $135,000 by May 2nd. Even a dollar helps.




Chez Chevaux is a 501C-3 Non Profit Organization EIN# 59-3802025


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